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Hudson River Remnants

Along the banks of the Hudson, America’s history spans some 400 years, while the story of humankind may be more than 10,000 years and the river’s geologic origins in the millions.

Due to the massive depth at its mouth, gouged by glaciers, the lower Hudson experiences tidal flows coincidental with those of the Atlantic Ocean, and the Indians who lived in the valley called it the “river that flows both ways.”

This “Rhine of America”, as it has sometimes been called, sloshes back and forth from the ocean to some 150 miles upstream, carrying with it, and eventually depositing shore side, remnants of this long history. This includes sand and stones, shells, driftwood, bones, glass, feathers, nails, musket balls, whittlings, fishing hooks, lines and sinkers, arrowheads and an endless stream of civilization’s debris, in the form of pottery and stone, metals, glass and plastic, a good number of which are children’s toys.

On a casual stroll, you might pick up one of these remnants and behold a piece of history, whose full story can only be surmised. When placed alone or with other remnants it can become nature’s art piece. We might then be reminded of the ebb and flow of life, imagination and ………

"The River That Flows Both Ways"

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Our Wonderful Creations

Mobiles (Gizmos)

Created to withstand moderate winds which encourage their rotation and melodiousness and designed for minimal tangling, these mobiles are comprised of Hudson River remnants strung for decks, yards, and even in the house as splendid ornaments.


Delightful. insightful countless stories unfold

Imagination, whimsy, mostly guessing the untold

Twisting, turning, rolling and revolving

Tossing, spinning, rotating and involving

Each remnant with each other, a microcosmic dance

Presenting a whole, moving as if by chance

Pendants & Jewelry

When a stone, river glass, bone, drfitwood or other remnant catches the eye, it may become some ornamentation, enhancing the beauty of the person on whom it is adorned.


A shell, a stone, some wood...a bone

Remnants found upon the shore

A new life for each piece once more

Evolving to at last become

An adornment for a loved one


These are imaginative creations of nature. The result of wind, water, and age upon a branch or twig or root.


Each piece has traveled far and wide

Tossed about by the changing tide

And when, at last, it comes ashore

It gets to live on, again some more

And from the artists mind does spring

A new life for this seasoned thing


We use remnants of ocean and river to enhance artwork.


A picture is often worth 1000 words

But unframed its message can be diluted afterwards

Framed by us, it becomes unique

Leaving the message beautifully succinct.